RETREAT-RENEW-RESET is a mindset about so much more than getting away for a weekend of renewal (all though that’s highly recommended). It’s a reminder that sometimes we need to retreat when tensions are high, when tears are falling, when anger is rising, when kids are driving us crazy and we’re about to blow-up and regret it later (been there-done that). But more importantly, it’s about listening when our body, mind, and spirit cry out for some self-love and we honor that by retreating, renewing, and resetting. Whatever that looks like. Whenever we need it.

RETREAT- is a calling to step back, to step away.  It might be for self-care or self-preservation (both valid reasons).

RENEW- Is the pause. Breathe, walk, scream into the pillow (if that’s your thing), but mostly pause!  The pause is a huge deal.

RESET- Is gaining new energy! A Reset to baseline. Reset towards greater things, self-discovery, and SELF-LOVE.

WE all know that self-care is necessary and the lack of it leaves us depleted…no good to ourselves or others. Making self-love a priority can feel selfish, but it’s not.  We give of ourselves to our jobs, our families, our communities…it’s important to give back to you!

A RESET WEEKEND is the self-care you deserve.

Rest for Women