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RETREAT-RENEW-RESET is a mindset about so much more than getting away for a weekend of renewal (all though that’s highly recommended). It’s a reminder that sometimes we need to retreat when tensions are high, when tears are falling, when anger is rising, when kids are driving us crazy and we’re about to blow-up and regret it later (been there-done that). But more importantly, it’s about listening when our body, mind, and spirit cry out for some self-love. We honor that by retreating, renewing, and resetting. Whatever that looks like. Whenever we need it.

RETREAT- is that calling to step back, to step away.  It might be for self-care or self-preservation (both valid reasons). But it also might be to gain perspective, increase awareness and joy.

RENEW- Is the pause, the breath. Breathe, walk, scream into the pillow (if that’s your thing), but mostly pause!  The pause is a huge deal. The pause is everything and it’s something most of us are not really great at.

RESET- Is gaining new energy! A Reset to baseline.  Reset towards bigger things, greater self-discovery, and SELF-LOVE.

WE all know that self-care is necessary and the lack of it leaves us depleted…no good to ourselves or others. Making self-love a priority can feel selfish, but it’s the opposite. Giving back to ourselves is just smart medicine!

A RESET WEEKEND or moment is the self-care you deserve.


Womens Retreat


Ruby Red Slipper Revival Women’s Retreat 

 November 11-13, 2022

Join RESET for WOMEN and First United Methodist Church Chula Vista (FUMCCV- our sponsoring church) for a three-day retreat at California’s only working mission, Mission San Luis Rey Retreat Center. November 11-13, 2022.

For Registration:

Most of us take very little time for ourselves. And we know as women that we are regularly pulled in multiple directions.  We fail to pause even when our bodies, minds, and spirits call for it.

This Reset Weekend promises fun, laughter, and renewal. We’ll be creating, conversing, and using our takeaways from the weekend to design a life richer in the things that matter most to each of us. It’s a personal deep dive into what “Wholeness” looks like for you.  By taking time to identify the desires of our own hearts and what feeds our souls, we can then use that information to live more intentionally.  It’s not a call for a drastic life change. It’s a pause, a reconnection with self and our God-centered knowing. When we take these moments to get reacquainted with who we authentically are we can live more fully. 

Through guided conversations, art,  journaling adventures, and more, we’ll draw closer to what matters most to each of us. And maybe even start to believe the things God has to say about us. We’ll set our sights on getting to the good stuff…a deeper, richer, more satisfying adventure in this thing called life. Join us and discover the POWER that you’ve had all along.  Greater joy lies ahead!

The retreat weekend includes a two-night stay at the beautiful Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, six meals (Friday night through Sunday lunch). Contact me for Saturday only day rate

She is more precious than Rubies…Proverbs 3:15

Womens Retreat


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